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AIA Distinguished Building - Monte Vista Elementary School

Creighton’s Monte Vista Elementary School recently received AIA’s Distinguished Building Award!

The goal of the project was to create a design that was representative of the school’s and District’s identity. For inspiration and direction, the design team focused on the school’s history and the urban context that encompasses it. Historically, the Monte Vista School site and its surroundings consisted of farming land. When the school was first built in 1948, there was an orchard grove north of Osborn Road. Records show that the main complaint the school received was that of students running mischievously through the orchards and picking up fallen oranges to throw at one another. Today, the orchards are gone, but mature trees outline the neighborhood serving as as a reminisce of what once was. The demolished school itself carried a tree-theme. Trees delineated walkways, appeared in-between buildings, and were depicted in painted murals along exterior walls.