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Estrella Mountain Community College Performing Arts Center

Art Anchoring Community

Estrella Mountain Community College was determined to place art as a central and important part of the campus fabric. By placing the performing arts building in the center of the campus, and in line with the rest of administration-student services, EMCC and Architects put art and the community at the forefront of the school and not a fringe program. Architects tailored a design that looks to the simplicity of the forms of the campus while alluding to the importance of the events that take place inside. A courtyard amphitheater in front of the building draws students and the community into its doors. Within the theatre, flexible wall panels tailor the acoustics and environment to the various performances held. On the outside, classrooms and dance studios connect and have direct access to the practice black box theatre. The EMCC Performing Arts Building expresses importance of art through its design and becomes an anchor to the school. Since construction, students have been elated to have a dedicated space where they can celebrate arts and become the heart of the school.

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