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MTSU Student Union

A Gathering Place for Students

This 198,000 SF, three-story facility functions as a gathering space for 26,000 students on Middle Tennessee State University’s campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The atrium design provides an abundance of natural light, clear organization of building, connection to a new quad outside, and a multitude of different types of student gathering spaces on the ground floor. 

A true hub of the campus, the Student Union houses a food court, dining areas, game room, movie theater, as well as multiple lounge and study areas. MTSU's Student Union aims to enhance campus life and advance the University's educational mission. Many student organazations and several Division of Student Affairs offices are located within The Union. Students can easily access the campus post office, university bookstore, and a small market inside the facility. 



MTSU Student UnionMTSU Student UnionMTSU Student UnionMTSU Student UnionMiddle Tennessee State University Student Union