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Queen Creek Polytechnic Academy

Creating Culture and Identity Through Design

Queen Creek Unified School District seized the opportunity to not only create a whole new school, but create a new identity and culture for its students, staff, and community. Architects were charged with helping to create that culture and express it through a new 86,000 SF campus. A two-story atrium anchors the campus and educates everyone on the school’s culture of aviation, articulated by ceiling panels holding historical planes. Connected to the atrium, are flexible classroom buildings that feature removable walls, to accommodate class sizes, and a central media center with wide-open front doors that allow activities to extend into the atrium. Flexibility is built in throughout with large classrooms and room on campus to grow for future possibilities. The school’s central atrium will continue to bring that future together to celebrate the heart of the school. The community of Queen Creek now has a rich environment to not only learn from its educators, but also from the culture and identity that surrounds the school and expressed through architecture.