Yes for BUHSD Bond

Benefits of the Bond

Good for Students,Great for Homeowners

According to the National Association for REALTORS®, good schools are the most important amenity in a buyer’s decision to purchase a particular home. Good schools protect our property values.

Preparing Students for Tomorrow

With each passing day, technology is playing a more important part of society. The students of BUHSD need to be prepared and with your help we will be able to place a laptop/tablet in every student’s hands and our dedicated instructors will be ready to deliver curriculum integrated with the latest technology.

How the Bond will be Spent

Why I Support the Bond

Good schools raise property values. This is why all of us benefit from education investments, even those of us who do not have school-age children. It’s up to you to protect your existing investment in schools, and the money you invest will create a stronger future.

Lynne Pancrazi AZ State Senator District 4

By increasing campus capacity, we can reduce the overall number of schools that will be needed in the future, and in turn, save taxpayer dollars over the long term.

Charlene Powers Community Member