2023's Q2 Newsletter



Today we introduce and affirm our commitment to positive disruption in the way we engage our world through design.

Take a look at what's happening at Orcutt | Winslow Now.

You might be surprised at some of the remarkable work that is just around your corner…

Luxury Defined in the Awe-Inspiring Palm 

Fairmont Hotel & Resort on The Palm

An oasis of luxury and tranquility, the Fairmont Hotel & Resort is the largest beachfront property on The Palm under a single brand. The Resort's features include Fairmont's renowned Willow Stream Spa, formal pools with poolside dining, family & children's pools, tennis courts, and an exclusive beach club with health facilities. With over 1,200 rooms in three buildings, the Fairmont Hotel & Resort is a perfect playground on the most exclusive of beachfront properties, located just a stroll across the bridge from The Palm's Golden Mile.

An "Out of this World" Immersive Learning Concept

Fountain Hills Middle School Media Center

Fountain Hills Middle School was looking to turn their existing medial library into something out of this world. This new media center's concept is focused on space and science immersive learning. The design brings in a new planetarium, learning stair, and wall graphics that have augmented reality experiences built in for additional learning and engagement opportunities. 
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A Giant Step Towards Career Success

Roland Parrish Career Planning and Development Center at Fisk University

Named for the generous donor whose contribution propelled the Career Planning and Development Center forward, Roland Parrish is designed to prepare the next generation of business executives and community leaders. Located on the historic Fisk University campus, this two-story building houses classrooms, conference rooms, innovation spaces, and a career services center, among other functions.

The Center provides customized career information, resources, and practical professional development services. The overall result is training students to possess skills that will increase their marketability and competitiveness in the marketplace. Described as a launch pad by Nashville Mayor John Cooper, the two-story building aims to provide students of the Historically Black University with better career opportunities and serves as a symbol for a proposed new era of investment for the students of Nashville's oldest university. 

Next Gen Modernization for Tomorrow's Learners

Thomas L. Marsalis Elementary School

The transformation of Thomas L. Marsalis Elementary's cafeteria, kitchen, and library spaces offer an innovative approach to 21st Century student life in primary education. The upgrades use bond funding to expand and remodel existing environments and take advantage of emerging trends in media center innovations.

This school requires full architectural services for additions and renovations to their existing elementary school. These upgrades include a 3,000 square foot cafeteria expansion, a 3,000 square foot kitchen addition, and a 1,500 square foot library addition to meet the District standards and transform the existing library into a new modernized media center. These improvements will provide an innovative new environment for the next generation of students attending Thomas L. Marsalis Elementary School.

The Intersection of Hospitality and Healing: A Home for Veterans

Jones & Cabacoy Veterans Care Center

In honor of two war heroes, Colonel William A. Jones III, a Norfolk-born air commando who was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1970 by President Nixon for fearlessly risking his own life to save the life of another officer in Vietnam and Sergeant Christopher F Cabacoy, a Virginia Beach native who died in 2010 while serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, Virginia Beach hosts one of the nation's newest homes for Veteran care.

The Jones & Cabacoy Veterans Care Center features all private rooms that are organized into households within two neighborhood buildings that surround a central community center. The 128-bed Virginia Department of Veterans Services facility provides skilled nursing care and memory care for Veteran residents, including: rehab, physical and occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, nutrition and bathing assistance. The site is landscaped with ponds and a pedestrian walk path that traverses the water by way of foot bridge and boasts amenities that include a barber/beauty salon, central kitchen and laundry, a pharmacy, rehab suite, and household living and dining areas. 

Capturing a Legacy in the Culture of the Jackson Community 

Pope Elementary School

Pope Elementary School, a PreK-8th grade replacement, boasts a collaborative effort of industry leaders, community, and Jackson Madison County School System staff. With a focus on seamless integration between interior and exterior spaces, Pope Elementary invites students to explore their surroundings, while also providing them with district-level safety. Incorporating technological advancements and adaptability, this future-focused school fosters an ideal environment for education, collaboration, and growth.

"We appreciate the opportunity for our team to be a part of continuing the legacy of Pope with the addition of this first-class facility. Not only will this project give students and faculty the adequate space and updates they need, but it will also have a positive impact on the local community for years to come," said Dr. Ricky Catlett, Deputy Superintendent

A Zoological Marvel 

Qatar Zoo

A zoo within a Park was the guiding principle behind this 75-hectare zoological marvel intended to engage, entertain, and enlighten first time and repeat visitors alike. Thus, the animal habitats were created to complement the adjacent Aspire Park via a guest and Elephant Bridge that will create the spectacular sight of African Elephants crossing over of one Doha's major highways. The Zoo is divided into habitat zones representing three continents: African Savanna, Asian Montane, and South American Rainforest; each area featuring indigenous flora. The Rainforest habitat is achieved by a unique creation of a BioDome roof system that will allow it to rain once an hour in the desert. A public park surrounds the site with integrated pedestrian and bike paths that have strategically placed views into the zoo.

Flexible and Adaptable Learning Spaces Maximize Modern Curriculum Delivery  

Kiva Elementary

The replacement of Kiva Elementary focused on retaining the positive attributes of the very unique location with view of iconic Camelback mountain, while maintaining the legacy of its namesake.

Kiva Elementary principal Matt Gromek resounded the sentiments of his staff in his proclamation, "'s a great feeling, being here at this moment..."

As Gromek marveled at the sight of the new campus and was complemented by parents, community members and alumni about its sleek, community college aesthetic, he couldn't help but reflect on how the renovation was a testament to the strength and flexibility of students and their parents. "We stayed here on campus and that was the struggle: they built this entire thing while we were learning," Gromek said. "The parents put up with a lot of schedule changes and a lot of logistics since they were changing all the time. But the community was very responsive and the students were resilient."

The design is meant to sustain 50 years of learning for the district and provides students and enriched school community, full of social learning opportunities. At the learning level, each area is designed to foster and promote social an emotional learning as each building maximizes the layout to take advantage of outdoor learning, and modern curriculum delivery.

"I give a lot of credit to the Kiva visioning committee," Gromek said. "One of the things that kept coming up in conversations from the community was they wanted it to be collaborative."

Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Scholarship Dinner 

It's hard to believe scholarship season has come and gone so quickly. On Tuesday, April 27th, Brian Ballard joined Phoenix Union Foundation for Education as they awarded over $105,000 in scholarships to PXU seniors.

Anchors Aweigh!

Spring is a busy time filled with all our favorite kinds of events. Folks in our Texas office set sail on the S.S. Cardinal at Fort Worth Christian's Anchors Away Gala! 

A fantastic evening fundraising for the students of Fort Worth Christian!

Tennessee Volunteer Day

Recently, our team volunteered with PENCIL, helping with the inventory for PENCIL's "store" where teachers in the K-12 Nashville Public Schools can pick up their much-needed supplies. This was such a great experience and we loved being able to give back to the community in this fun way!

Education Studio Field Trip

The C.O. Greenfield project team took their fellow studio members on a personal tour of the Academy of Design and Innovation. This addition to C.O. Greenfield's campus provides students with flexible learning communities that are designed to encourage collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Our team had a ball on their tour!
We're Growing!

Welcome to the team, Rachel Vrlenich (AZ), Brian Jones (IN), Juan Velasquez (FL), Json Bailey (FL), Roua Amer (FL), Aishwarya Ubhe (AZ), Martha Jeffrey (TX), Faezeh Hosseini (AZ), Madison Rowe (FL), Brittany McDaniel (FL), Alexandra Sierra (FL), and Andrea Villarreal (FL). We are thrilled to have you as a part of the crew!

CASHE Panelist

Ashley Mulhall was joined by Walt Vernon (Mazzetti), Terry Duffina (Stanford Healthcare), Todd Komaromy (APS), and Rebecca Sauer (Vizient) as a panelist at CASHE's latest chapter meeting to discuss The Decarbonization of Healthcare.

Ashley is deeply committed and brings such an energy to this topic! 

Architects For the Day

Pendergast Elementary students challenged themselves and architectural pedagogy in an exercise that envisioned a new classroom typology for their district. Taking on the role of an architect for a day, these 8th grade student council members divided into groups to explore what architects do in the course of a day, and duration of a project's design and construction. They joined Orcutt | Winslow educational design team to create spaces that were not only conducive to learning, but that offered a place for confidence and collaboration. This look into the future allowed for a very real-life perspective from both sides of the table. 

Visioning Committees 

Visioning committees are a form of co-creation that we use to establish project goals with users, owners, stakeholders, and community members. By engaging the community in this creative dialogue, visioning committees facilitate a deeper understanding of project goals, allowing us to align our vision with the client's aspirations. This iterative process not only establishes a strong foundation for the project but also fosters a sense of ownership and shared vision, resulting in architectural solutions that truly reflect the community’s values and objectives.