Banner Gateway Medical Center Observation Unit

This new twenty-three bay Observation Unit encompasses approximately 6,742 s.f. A portion of the project renovated approximately 450 s.f. within the northwest area of the Emergency Department to add three additional ED Exam Rooms that closely matches the existing private exam rooms within the ED.

The new Observation Unit is designed with an open bay concept that utilizes and supplements the Emergency Department during peak times. To aid in this, the standard Observation bay closely matches the ED headwall design to meet requirements for an emergency exam room. This design both eases off strain on the emergency room as well as provide systems and rooms for the observation unit to handle more complex situations.

Overall within the observation unit,  lighting systems are designed to mimic the circadian rhythm so patients spending longer periods of time feel less disoriented depending on the time of the day. Wall, flooring and ceiling protection systems are designed and color coordinated to provide wayfinging throughout the unit. Nurses and staff can be assigned color bays and patients and visitors know where they are at all given times while moving throughout.

Headwalls, systems, and sizes are designed using Banner's template and made flexible within the unit so that the floor can change functions throughout its lifetime. Room functions can be changed at low cost and disruption in the future so that the hospital itself can adapt to changing needs.