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Basis Shavano Heights

Preserving a Strong Basis Design Language and Brand

Since its founding in 1998, Basis has been one of the fastest growing and most academically successful charter programs in the country, boasting four of the top five high schools in the U.S. That exceptional growth and performance has boosted Basis outside of Arizona and into Texas with the opening of Basis Shavano Heights. Seeing an opportunity for the design, Architects used Basis’s proven initial prototype and improved many areas of the original design. This new prototype increases efficiency from the standpoint of energy usage and building footprint over past designs while preserving a strong Basis design language and brand.  The school includes a 7,000 SF gymnasium with a back box connected for performing arts. The school has 21 standard classrooms and additional classrooms for physics, arts, chemistry, biology, and music. Each floor has a 2,000 square foot multipurpose space at the end of each hallway made available for classes to use for various activities or social gathering. Featuring a fast but durable pre-engineered metal building frame, Basis Shavano is a highly functional building on a tight site with an outdoor playfield and courts. This 62 thousand square foot two-story building represents this the school’s largest building expansion outside of Arizona.   With this new school, Basis can continue to bring its top performing charter program to the families of San Antonio for years to come.