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Central High School Renovations

Making a School Secure and Community Driven

As part of the renovations, the administration office has been re-designed to provide visitor access from the front of our school. With this new point of access, parents and public will have a more welcoming experience when visiting Central High School and the school will be safer by having more controlled access into the student side of the campus.
This new entrance will be located inside an all-glass volume that respects the existing architec­ture of our landmark building but adds to the identity and pride of our school, provides visi­bility to the exterior and daylight to the new space and existing spaces. Fundamental to the scope for this modernization work at our campus are the upgrades to the Culinary Arts Program spaces and the expansion of seating area in the current cafeteria building. Two state of the art culinary labs that will support levels 1 through 4 of the Culinary Arts curriculum and one demonstration classroom will now be located in the cafeteria building. The modernization of the existing cafeteria is also designed to expand the seating area, introduce day light into the space and upgrading the aesthetics to become a more collegiate experience. This building will be known as Student Union, with the intent of supporting our students beyond the lunch break and provide a useful space to meet, study, etc.