DesignLink 2016 Interns

Meet the DesignLink's Biophilic Design Interns

Rose Roshani came to Orcutt | Winslow as a summer intern in her final year of the 3+ Master of Architecture program at ASU.  With an undergrad in interior design, she chose to extend her design reach to work both from the inside out and from the outside in.  Her passion is to help people, and to do so by designing spaces that are healing, that promote creativity, and connectivity.  She intends to utilize her deepening knowledge of biophilic design principles to this end.  An international student from Istanbul, Rose speaks several languages including French, Turkish, and English.

 Han Hong is an international student from Shen Zhen (not far from Hong Kong).  She earned her undergraduate degree in architecture from Hunan City University.  Han’s work experience includes developing building skin systems on multiple high-rise buildings  (100-300 meters) in a large ($483 Million Dollar) mixed-use Urban Complex.  Han’s desire to work on international and collaborative projects brought her to ASU where she is in her final year of ASU’s Master of Architecture.  Biophilic Design is at the core of Han’s work and passion.  This commitment is what brought Han to Orcutt Winslow as a summer intern.

 With demonstrated intellect, heart and passion – both Rose and Han will no doubt meet and exceed their highest aspirations.   May we continue to encourage and connect with their unique voices, their expressive natures, and their blossoming knowledge.