Diversity Statement

As we reflect on the recent events of 2020, Orcutt | Winslow recognizes the need to address this momentous period of our nation’s history in which people across the country have lifted their voices to stand against systemic racism and institutional prejudice. With this in mind, we have chosen to be consistently active and engaged in joining this battle to combat social injustice of any kind and we stand committed to this purpose, both as a firm and as individuals, as the catalysts for this long overdue change for our society.

As a company that prides itself on being community advocates with a direct impact on the built social environment, we acknowledge that we have both the agency and duty to contribute to these collective efforts to promote social diversity and equity. As a results-oriented profession in the age of social media, we emphatically believe in authenticity, and that actions speak louder than words. But we also recognize that we must clearly declare and communicate our intentions and aspirations in order to fully realize them in our everyday lives.

For this reason, Orcutt | Winslow commits to:

Community Engagement: We will not stand on the sidelines. Our firm is built on the principles of human-centered architecture and we are the proud designers of spaces and places that focus on community growth via active public participation in civic societies and institutions. When our community hurts, we hurt. We will champion the empowerment and inclusivity of all peoples and communities we serve.

Transparency: Concerned citizens across the United States are challenging us all to internally reflect on how we can do better. In that same spirit of self-critical awareness, we are utilizing voluntary disclosure programs, such as the JUST Label, to better evaluate the current state of our office culture and specifically identify areas for improvement. We will continue with our meticulous introspection and disclosure to hold ourselves to higher standards as people and professionals.

Diligent Action: This is a historic cultural and social movement; it is not a brief social media moment. We recognize that this requires a permanent, authentic commitment to social justice, and we will strive to make constant, tangible forward-progress. We will be persistent in our daily personal and professional lives to model and concretely realize equity, inclusion, and justice. Our office has adopted a more robust internal policy of non- discriminatory conduct to better hold ourselves accountable. To hold our project partners to the same standards of professional conduct, we’ve also incorporated some of that same language in our standard AIA contracts.

We believe that through these commitments we can build more of what the world really needs: justice, inclusion, and unconditional kindness.