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Erik Clinite, LEED-AP

Partner, Business Leader

Since joining Orcutt | Winslow in 1994, Erik has led the firm in all aspects of business, including finance, accounting, contract administration, human resources and the administrative side of construction administration. in shorter words, he’s become one of the biggest backbones of the firm. Through that time, Erik has gained and offered a wide depth of knowledge in the economic growth and vitality of today’s business sector and insight into the architectural, engineering and construction industry. If you get to know Erik, you’ll never realize you’re talking to a person with such accomplishments, today and early on, because of his humble nature. He’s traveled and hiked many 14,000 FT and higher peaks in the US and around the world. (He’s got the Himalayas as a giant wall graphic in his office!)

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Erik Clinite, Partner