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Experience with Event Center & Athletics Consultants

Today, we are living in an economy that has limited resources, finding experienced manpower is nonexistent. Design firms are making commitments they know they cannot fulfill. Orcutt | Winslow’s strategy is unique that we are cautiously selecting new projects and balancing manpower available. Long term consultants, clients and relationships are valued and are based on trust and performance. With every consultant we bring onto a project,  we have that TRUST and relationship. This is where our firm size of 85 staff can make a difference in getting the job done.

The Orcutt | Winslow team has done, 8 - $100 million dollars projects in the last 7 years. From Veteran homes, Event Centers, large Gyms, Cafeteria/restaurants, health clinics, hospitals, High Schools with sports and senior living facilities. We understand the complexities, planning, communication and quick responses needed to keep the project on track. We have also done over 1 million sf of metal buildings from Gyms, PACs, Schools, etc.

Worked with International Colluseum Company and TRC Worldwide, with other Event Center & Athletics Consultants for over 30 years including 100+ Gyms, Athletic Fields, 8 PAC’s in the last 5 years, Expertise in Healthcare, Rehab, Adult Daycare, Retail/Commercial/Restaurant Experience.

We need to develop an integrated project team with you, the contractor and our designers/consultants so that there are no surprises, just high-quality product. We need to be able to show your investment community that the return on investment for your projects is efficient and valuable.  Design charettes with the owner/contractor need to be taken at every step to ensure we meet the design and cost goals of the owner.