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Tséhootsooí Wellness Center

Healing from Culture and Landscape

Aspiring to promote the journey to hózhó, the design of the Wellness Center is inspired by the paths of healing, living, wellness and being. It sits at the intersection of these paths and is governed by the ideals of beauty, balance, order and harmony. The central location of the Wellness Center affords nearly uninterrupted views of the region's beautiful geology. Not only does the design take advantage of these views, but also makes connections to other significant cultural landmarks. Locating the central common gathering space so that the land can be formed to create entries at both the upper and lower levels bring this intersection to life in three dimensions, allowing the user to experience this space from either point of entry. The wellness center will be a one story rehabilitation center with a fitness center, clinic and administration wing. Gathering from culture and landscape, the wellness center promotes HoZho from the center outward to connect Navajo people to their rich, diverse culture.

Tsehootsoi Wellness CenterTsehootsoi Wellness CenterTsehootsoi Wellness Center