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Kyrene Traditional Academy

An Academy Built for the Future Campus

Kyrene Traditional Academy is migrating from a traditional K-5 to a K-8 campus.  This project was master-planned in 3 phases of construction over a 2 year duration and includes a new two-story classroom building to serve Grades 6 thru 8, a new gym/café building to better accommodate the increased student population as well as added fine arts rooms, and to complete extensive interior renovations to the existing building to remain.
Extensive programming and community meetings were held between District staff, parents, students and the community. The middle school classroom building (Phase 1) was designed around pods of four classrooms with central collaboration space that extends into the corridors.  These spaces allow for small group collaboration and promote project based learning. The classrooms feature state-of-the-art 21st century technology and flexible furniture to accommodate various modes of learning.
In Phase 2, a new gymnasium with a separate cafeteria and kitchen, separated by a shared stage which allows visibility from either the gym or the cafeteria side, is being constructed to allow for the increased student capacity.  Band and Music classrooms are also located in this building for easy access to the stage.  Large rollup garage style doors at the cafeteria allow students views  to the exterior as well as easy access to outside dining.
The new classroom and gymnasium/café buildings are designed and located around the existing single building school to create a central courtyard space with a learning staircase for outdoor educational opportunities. Due to this being an active campus, special accommodations have been made for student and staff safety. Temporary traffic corridors have been created for safe passage between the playfields, existing cafeteria and the new classroom building.
Attention was paid to the exterior aesthetic of the new buildings as they relate to the existing campus and neighborhood so the campus looks cohesive in its overall design.  The new classroom building was strategically located to ensure there is an adequate landscape buffer from the neighboring homes.  A new playfield was created and parking was expanded.
Phase 3 includes extensive interior renovations throughout the existing building to better align centralized functions such as media center and specials, a staff lounge and workroom, and an expanded Admin area.