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Mayo Clinic Exterior Hardening

Secure Solutions and a Revitalized Experience

Growing at an extraordinary pace, Mayo Clinic is vastly changing the healthcare experience in Phoenix. The first experience many have with mayo Clinic’s Campus is being reworked with a security project at the entrance of the hospital and outdoor dining venue. The project team was charged with creating a secured outdoor dining space, reworking the flow of visitors to the entrance of the hospital, and balancing secure design with a welcoming and serene environment.  This goal was achieved by installing eight-foot-tall steel panels that enclose the space, all infilled with a steel woven mesh. This mesh breaks up the steel panels increasing visibility while softening the enclosure. The panels were installed in-line with a maximum spacing between panels of 4 inches keeping the wall a maintained barrier.  New masonry was added to the existing masonry walls to increase the overall height to 6’-0”.  Six of the steel panels were upgraded with steel sculpture from a local artist. Small openings in the existing masonry walls were infilled with glass/bronze/steel sculpture to prevent individuals from using the openings as foot holds. Overall the hardening project was a great collaboration between architect, contractor and local artist that not only makes mayo clinic a more secure campus but a more beautiful environment for visitors and staff overall.