MTSU School of Concrete and Management

The new two-story, 54,000 square foot, School of Concrete and Construction Management (SCCM) building is being designed to serve the needs of the School of Concrete and Construction Management department as well as providing classrooms for the general student body.

The design of the building has a two-story bar running east to west with a one-story section extending to the south separating the two major outdoor elements – the working yard and courtyard.

The two-story bar’s first floor will house the laboratory spaces to the west, and the department office, conference center, multi-media showcase classroom to the east. The second floor includes a distributed mix of classrooms, computer labs, individual faculty offices, graduate/tutor center, and collaborative/gathering areas. The one-story bar that extends south is a single loaded corridor that includes a portion of the laboratory spaces, a covered amphitheater space, and the 200-seat lecture hall. This section of the building will connect to a future building to the south of the site and/or a future second floor. The two bars intersect at a shared lobby, service core, and communicating staircase.

There are several outdoor learning areas designed around the building. A working yard on the west side, will provide an area where students can extend their work and projects outside of confines of the laboratories and classrooms. The covered amphitheater has direct connection to the student projects lab and working yard. Here, students will observe particular construction methods, or product demonstrations. In addition to the working yard, the building also includes a courtyard that will serve as a secondary entrance into the building and provides a space to support the department offices and program’s community and industry events. The courtyard will likely contain concrete walks highlighting a variety of decorative finishes and techniques.