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Music City Studios

Music City Studios, located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, is designed with the latest music, film, broadcast, and metaverse technology in mind. Sitting on a massive 47-acre stretch of land, the project is a testament to Nashville’s ever-increasing viability as a major TV and film production hub as the site’s main tenant and partner is Monolith Studios: a virtual production and content creation studio. Multiple sound stages will rest in a 220,000 sf building, giving film producers, musicians, and all artists an almost limitless production experience of their choosing. Meanwhile, a second 42,000 sf building will host a wide-open rehearsal space for some of the top music performers in music. The new technology will allow globally recognized acts from country to EDM the flexibility to rehearse in the same space. Construction is planned to be finished by March of 2023. All 4 buildings on the campus are expected to create more than 800 jobs over the next five years due to either expansion, relocation, or the facility’s production capability.