North Valley Christian Academy

Flexible By Design

North Valley Christian Academy brings a 21st century education with a design focused around learning spaces that seamlessly integrate technology, are connected to nature, and have flexibility at its core. North Valley Christian Academy took its design ques from the site itself. Located on a very slim site with a 100 year wash, NVCA used its constraints to inform its design. Buildings. Every classroom has a direct connection to a covered patio or balcony overlooking the wash. On the interior, every classroom is outfitted with assisting technology with flexible furniture to accommodate all learning types. Every classroom adjoins a wide hallway programmed with additional breakout learning spaces. This allows classroom instruction to spill out to both the interior and exterior of the building, while maintaining a visual connection to the primary classroom space. Recognizing that students also need quiet places to collaborate, small enclosed study rooms are placed in between adjacent classrooms. The breakout spaces are outfitted with interactive, touchscreen technology to allow for both large group instruction and student collaboration. These breakout areas utilize movable furniture, enabling the space to be reconfigured as needed. A double height lobby also functions as a student commons, with a variety of furniture types as well as patio access. Within this space is a wide grand stair containing additional seating elements. The grand stair can function as an informal study space for individual students or accommodate a large group for a lecture or student presentation. North Valley Christian Academy turned its site constraints into its most valuable resource. With thoughtful design, NVCA is able to impart an education through adaptable design well into the future.