Norton Cancer Institute - Brownsboro

New Cancer Center

Norton Healthcare invested $38 million in cancer care, building a new comprehensive center in Louisville that will focus on the unique needs of the region’s cancer patients and their families.

Norton Cancer Institute (NCI) consists of a multidisciplinary physician practice that serves the Louisville Metro area. In order to continue to provide the region’s leading cancer care resource for patients and their families, NCI pursued the design of this 3-story, 45,000 SF, free-standing cancer center. The $38 million facility includes administrative offices, 26 exam rooms, 36 infusion bays, one CT, and one linear accelerator along with shell space for future expansion. Centered around a labyrinth, the adjacent healing garden provides patients and their families an area for meditation and relaxation.

  • 3-Story, 45,000 SF Free-Standing Cancer Center
  • 26 Exam Rooms, 36 Infusion Bays, 1 CT
  • One Linear Accelerator with Shell Space for Future Expansion
  • Healing Garden Surrounded by Labyrinth
  • Currently Under Construction