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Oklahoma State Veterans Home

The Sallisaw Veterans Home strives to be a home for Veterans of Oklahoma that truly allows them to feel at home. With materials locally sourced, with slate and wood used throughout, Sallisaw Veterans home appears rooted in the Oklahoma surrounding community and culture that seems like its been a community anchor for years. With a centralized community center, Veterans live within neighborhoods on either side. Neighborhoods are subdivided into four household wings each supporting 18 private resident rooms and a third neighborhood was subdivided into two household wings each supporting 18 private resident rooms. Each household has dedicated dining, kitchen, den, sitting lounges, living and outdoor patio areas so everyone is able to build community and join in activity at every level. The new home will utilize materials that complement the existing architecture of the town of Sallisaw in order to present itself as an inviting environment for Veterans, their families, and the community. Gardens are designed throughout to form a connection to nature and purpose with shaded seating areas, gathering areas, paths for walking, gardens, benches, and café tables. The Sallisaw Veterans Home roots itself in the community as a place of life for many of our veterans who have given us so much.