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Litchfield Heritage Center

A Reintroduction to the Community

The Litchfield Heritage Center brings new life to the original PW Litchfield Homestead built-in 1934, housing the Litchfield Historical Society Archives and Display Artifacts.  The project reactivates the entire 21 Acre La Loma Homestead Hilltop creating a new place of pride for Litchfield Park and its community.  To bring better access, a new entry experience will deliver patrons to the new front door in place of the old indoor swimming pool. From there, patrons will move between exhibits and floors giving them access to the original patios, living rooms, and studies. A community room holds public gatherings and meetings with the Historic Living Room restored to its period furniture and décor. The Heritage Center will continue to embrace the materials and design found in early Southwestern Luxury Homes in the valley.  The exterior is completely preserved and all-new design work will match the existing historic home details and features.  Patios on the exterior of the Heritage Center will be expanded for functions, adjacent gardens will be restored and the site made accessible. Along with the design and preservation of the historic homestead, we were engaged to design a new brand for the historical society giving them a new outlook, refresh and a reintroduction to the community along with their new home at the Heritage Center.