Rage in the Cage Design Competition

In the spirit of healthy creative competition, architects embarked to redesign our seventeenth floor elevator lobby from the recent cage grid to something fresh and new. Architects had a month to design and form teams to rethink a part of the office that gets looked at every day. Three teams came together and presented their designs at the 23rd Annual Omeletfest where the rest of the office and friends could vote on a favorite design. As a clear winner amongst the crowd, Cagecraft, from architects Jesus Fernandez, Roxana Morales, Matt Johnson, and Alex Ruiz, stole the show with a design that allows itself to be continually changed and expressive. Being the first point of contact when someone gets off the architect’s floor, Cagecraft fills the existing grid with square blocks that can be moved into other positions to create essentially anything on the grid.  Check out Cagecraft’s competition and design for yourself with Cagecraft next time you get off the 17th floor elevators.

Rage in the Cage Winning Submission