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Second Presbyterian Church

Second Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, lost their former building to a devastating fire in 2003. We partnered with the church to design a new space, fulfilling members’ desires for a spiritual, spacious, warm and inviting building to replace what had been lost. Although the building that burned was a treasured historical landmark, the new sanctuary illustrates what makes our work unique—timeless design with a profound respect for historical place.

The new worship space seats 400 in a simple but beautiful sanctuary that emphasizes natural light and natural materials. Its openness provides a visual connection with the natural world beyond. Sustainable building materials include bamboo flooring as well as energy efficient windows and lighting. Elements from the previous structure are recalled with exterior details like painted white brick, tall, clear glass windows, a steeple tower and operable shutters.

Overall, 27,560 square feet replace and improve the sanctuary, fellowship hall, children’s education space (The Peaceable Kingdom), children’s church, youth classrooms and added new spaces including a café which is widely used by the whole congregation.


Second Presbyterian Church, NashvilleSecond Presbyterian Church, NashvilleSecond Presbyterian Church, NashvilleSecond Presbyterian Church, Nashville