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Sierra Winds Bistro

A Small Project With a Large Footprint

Often, others dismiss the impact of a 1,500 square foot remodel but the Sierra Winds Bistro begs to differ. What started as just finish level remodels turned into a complete refresh and reinterpretation of what a collection of bistros and shops, within an assisted living center, can become. Interior designers redesigned the flow of the existing food counter into a modern-day restaurant and dining experience paired with unique shopping rooms that turn the first floor into a model modern day destination shopping and entertainment centers. Interior designers worked with our Creative services and Sierra winds to design unique branding and signage for each shop and aspect of the bistro. The Palms Dining serves as a place of fun and gathering where residents can come together as a community for larger events. The Bistro becomes a place of food and fun where anyone can grab a bite or drink with friends. The Marketplace transforms into a place where residents can shop and enjoy with others. Sierra Winds takes all the amenities and magic of a multi-acre shopping and entertainment development and scales it down into a senior living center making it available to anyone who comes through its doors. This project re-imagines what the impact of a 1,500 square foot remodel can have on an individual's outlook and daily life!