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TSG Center for Spiritual Development

Our goal is to create a center for spiritual development that merges science and spirituality in the natural world in ways that serve the site and the soul.  There are seven principals of spirituality that TSG believes guide humanity.  There are seven principals of the Living Building Challenge that guided the architectural design.

Joy | Health and Happiness
Freedom | Equity
Striving | Energy
Service | Water
Righteousness | Materials
Goodness | Place
Beauty | Beauty

Located on an 11-acre parcel in the pristine Sonoran Desert the TSG Foundation site is surrounded by the scenic mountains of North Scottsdale, Carefree and Cave Creek Arizona. A meandering desert pavement driveway will welcome visitors to the center and provide selective glimpses of the TSG Foundation as you reach the drop-off point.  Parking areas are organic in shape and well landscaped to screen them from street view, with an asphalt drive and stabilized decomposed granite or gravelcrete surface to minimize the heat island effect.  A pedestrian bridge links the parking areas to the building crossing a shallow desert wash and giving visitors a time for pause and reflection as they approach or leave the building celebrating the aspect of Joy.  Bicycle racks are located next to the crossing point of the bridge for best access and convenience.

The Foundation building is infused with a sense of health and wellness that leverages the natural environment by creating meaningful and useful connections to the outdoors.  Axially rotated on the site to welcome the southern winter sunlight, northern views to the Carefree Mountains and opportunities for night time star viewing events the Foundation celebrates the environment.  Principals of Feng Shui (Fire, Water, Earth and Metal) have been integrated into the design throughout the site and building. Visitors are welcomed into a large lobby space with access into a modest 3,000 sf Sanctuary space that opens up to the north. Through the building’s passive and active energy strategies the Foundation is striving to be a Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water Certified Building through the Living Building Challenge.