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Urban Connect Church

Connecting Others Through a Renewal of History

Beginning life as the Neil B. McGinnis building, and a tractor dealership, the now Urban Connect Church was set aside in 2006 to be renewed as a multipurpose space by Urban Connect Church and Orcutt | Winslow. Urban Connect wanted a space that would later define itself, and change dependent needs and situations. Architects responded to that goal by designing the McGinnis building to be as open and flexible as possible so Urban Connect can become an outreach tool for the church. Two wide-open spaces, on the inside and outside, can cater to any activity allowing Urban Connect to bring anyone, for any use, within its doors. The project is located at 45th and Buchanan on the outskirts of an urban renewal burst within Phoenix. Urban Connect adds to that by maintaining and showing as much of the original character of the building though exposed steel, brick, and the original garage doors. The new Urban Connect Church mixes new and old to bring a new purpose to a building full of history and provides a new design that can adapt and transform itself to any future purpose.