USS Phoenix Cold War Monument

Remembrance and Honor

There are perhaps as many as 50 different submarine memorials, exhibits, and monuments scattered across the country.  They range in complexity from the preservation of the entire submarine to more simple wall plaques and stone-metal block monuments.  The basic concept of the USS The Phoenix (SSN-702) Cold War Monument is to convey to the general public and to the country an appreciation for the tremendous skills and foresight involved in the creation of the awesome weaponry built to deter our Cold War enemies, and for the superlative competence and courage of the assigned 702 naval crews in carrying out their mission to prevail in the Cold War. The monument is located within Steele Indian School Park, where it would be close to the veteran's home and in a busy part of the city. The monument will feature the original mast and tail of the USS Phoenix 702 submarine situated on a site that replicates the size of the original submarine. Guests will be able to walk the full length of the submarine and long the way a covered area will feature diagrams of the submarine etched into the concrete showing an axon of the Los Angelas Class Nuclear Submarine. Along the walk, monument pillars are designed to show the history of USS Phoenix and The Cold War. Connected to the site is the Arizona State Veterans Home and the Arizona State Veterans Hospital. The Monument will prove to be another addition of rememberance and perfectly situated as a point of pride for a veteran community.