Vanderbilt West End Neighborhood

The West End Neighborhood demonstrates our ability to lead and coordinate consultants, serving as a guide for the university. This planning project aimed to incorporate the goals developed by the University Land Use Architect and Landscape Architects into a more detailed comprehensive plan incorporating the Residential Colleges into the West End Neighborhood and portions of a future greenway, Street Dixon Rick Orcutt Winslow assembled a team including Reed Hilderbrand Landscape Architects and various other designers and engineers to further study the area of work identified. The scope included moving all utilities underground, eliminating and redirecting traffic, and integrating a suburban neighborhood into the Vanderbilt campus. As a result of our planning recommendations, our firm had been tasked with the removal of existing fraternity/sorority houses and the addition of six new houses. This effort requires coordination with multiple architectural firms and consultants as well as existing projects underway such as the three new residential colleges along West End and coordinating with a utility project that will provide utilities from the central plant to the new residential colleges, which incorporates the effort to move utilities underground. The above graphic outlines our approach to planning and communication. The graphic below is an image of a recommended solution.