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A school is not just a building, but...

... a community of learners

Can architecture create learning environments where students can fully engaged and not feel inhibited by barriers; to become empathetic, self-motivated learners who will contribute to the world positively? We believe it can.

The notion of a ‘typical’ learning experience has evolved. With students and staff hailing from diverse backgrounds, their expectations for the value of education have soared. They seek rigorous academia to achieve their goals but also crave engaging experiences that encourage repeated participation. Much like today’s students navigating a myriad of choices, businesses in every sector strive for innovative methods to craft authentic experiences that captivate their audiences and hold their attention.

Partner Vispi Karanjia, AIA
Partner Saravanan Bala, AIA, NCARB, NOMA, ALEP, LEED-AP
Principal Sarah Dexheimer, RA, LEED-AP
Principal Tara Grenier, R.I.D., LEED-AP, NCIDQ

Unique Needs & Challenges

Serving Educations Unique NeedsEducation is a dynamic landscape with unique traits and constantly evolving needs. Disruptive technology and network learning have reshaped the way education is delivered; challenging traditional cultural norms. Schools face decreasing enrollments and consolidation, compounded by a teacher shortage and the need for strong leadership recruitment. Competition is fierce, emphasizing the importance of safety, social-emotional wellness, and equity. Aging infrastructure demands attention, along with the call for social equity and cost management amidst economic impacts.

Let Orcutt | Winslow make your vision a reality.


Diverse Range of Projects

Orcutt Winslows divers range of projectsWe specialize in designing a diverse range of educational facilities that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of students and educators.

• Elementary Schools
• High Schools
• Higher Education
• Early Childhood
• Girls Schools
• Public/Private/Independent/Charter
• Media Centers/Libraries/Maker Spaces
• Athletics/Performance Spaces
• Student Housing/Residence Halls
• Staff Housing/Professional Development

What Makes Us Different

What makes orcutt winslow different

We stand out by deeply understanding the link between learning outcomes and the physical environments where they take place. We see ourselves as partners in shaping specific learning goals, aligning our designs with the desired educational outcomes. This unique approach allows us to create spaces that empower students and educators, fostering a conducive atmosphere for growth, creativity, and achievement. Our focus goes beyond merely constructing buildings. We aim to design spaces that truly enrich the learning experience and contribute to the success of educational institutions.


Insights in Education

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Reviving Heritage with Next Gen Learning

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Learning Evolution


Learning Evolution

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Rethinking the Big Box


Rethinking the Big Box

Adaptive reuse of existing buildings presents a win-win-win opportunity for communities, schools, and students.

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