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The story behind them

Themed Entertainment


The story behind them

As pioneers in themed architecture for such theme park clients as Disney, Universal, and Sea World dating back to the late 1970s, we have helped plan and design some of the world’s largest theme parks.

The often underestimated complexity of good theme park planning and attractions design is a unique specialization of our team. When supported by market analysis experts, we can determine the mix, size, capacity, and age appeal of the entire park’s attraction mix, and organize them into sub-theme zones or develop the overall theme as part of our concept design. Today, themed entertainment goes beyond our traditional components of theme parks, water parks, and urban entertainment centers. Our recent themed design projects also include Eco-Parks and interactive centers. Regardless of the theme or physical size of the project, our project design approach is still rooted in the guest experience planning process synonymous with our reputation.

Creating the AWE

The art of crafting unforgettable guest experiences within a theme park lies in framing a “human master plan” that intertwines the elements of awe and wonder. We’re not just in the business of entertaining; we’re crafting places where people have a blast, can’t wait to tell their buddies, and keep coming back for more. The art of creating an entertainment haven involves a profound commitment to innovation, blending aesthetics, functionality, and economics into a harmonious symphony. Through the infusion of art and technology, the blueprint for timeless designs is woven, telling compelling stories that resonate with the thematic essence of each destination.

We are in the business of creating infinite wonders!

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