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A Responsible Future.

What is our responsibility to the future? To our clients? What does it mean to us and our work? We call our approach ‘Environmentally Responsive Design’ and, whenever possible, the greener, the better.

Lower your lifetime building costs

A Resilient and Regenerative Future

At Orcutt | Winslow, we see an inseparable relationship between design aesthetic and design performance.

We acknowledge the contributions of the built environment to global carbon emissions and that we, as architects, have a role to play in reducing the impact. Buildings should be designed to foster human health, and these are opportunities to design our way into a resilient and regenerative future.

  1. Health Sector Climate Pledge: Health Sector Pledge | HHS.gov
  2. Higher Education Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments – Second Nature

How can we help you achieve your goals? We provide a full spectrum of services related to resiliency and climate action.

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Orcutt | Winslow has the ability to model or simulate almost any design challenge – from eliminating glare in a classroom or optimizing building envelope design, to understanding acoustics in a gymnasium or auditorium.

Climate Action Planning

Let Orcutt | Winslow assist you in achieving your carbon reduction goals with comprehensive climate action planning.

Resilient Design

Let our team of experts help your organization in long-term resilience planning, risk assessment and mitigation.