Orcutt Winslow

Our mission is to positively disrupt architecture through Innovation, Experimentation & Advocacy

In 1971, Herman Orcutt and Paul Winslow set out to design people-oriented architecture that would be sustainable for future lifetimes. But, we knew back then, that we had to first create a place that was designed to foster that greatness. A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to create daily life-giving experiences for millions of people, one architectural design at a time. This challenges us to evangelize our contagious beliefs within a foundational culture.


We will Participate. We see architecture as art.  We are all creators of the places in which we work, live and play… we inspire the experiences that we, ourselves, and others have around us.

We will make an Impact. Taking action is all about building a culture of empowerment, creating a place where balance meets hard work and fun meets the bottom line.  Sharing our lives, our talents and our ideas within our neighborhoods and our wider community makes each one of us an influencer of our world.

We will always search for who we will Become. “When I grow up  I want to…” Saving the world comes one open door at a time with new faces, new ideas and new frontiers….when they all come together, they sustain us and inform the who we want to be and what we want to do next!

Core Values | Purpose

Yes, Orcutt | Winslow is recognized as an Architecture Firm, yet our true output extends beyond mere structures – into the craft of exceptional experiences. The quality of those experiences help us attract, retain, and maintain lasting relationships with those around us. And, the foundation of consistently enriching experiences rests on a set of fundamental behaviors that guide every choice we make, both collectively as a firm and individually. What does this look like, and why does it affect the practice of architecture?

Our Contagious Beliefs

Be Authentic
Be honest with others and yourself. We convey who we are and what we stand for when we speak compassionately and openly. By caring about people and demonstrating empathy for their situations, we create real connections that leave lasting impressions. Our strength lies in being our authentic selves: not in adapting to who we think others want us to be.

Everyone’s a Futurist
When it comes to innovation, the phrase “Free to Fail” may be our mantra. Without trying new things we never advance our understanding and improve. Learning from the past is important… living there isn’t. Become a champion for new ideas and we will all celebrate, be it a failure or a success.

Go Ahead, Make Their Day
We believe in the power of kindness. Fulfilling a seemingly frivolous request, putting forth a little extra effort, or just a friendly gesture, creates a foundation of trust that endures. Whether the results are immediate, or not so immediate–a cup of coffee or a multi-million dollar design….kindness can be a powerful ally. So be spontaneous: Dare to make someone’s day better…


Show Up Like a Kid at Recess
If you’ve ever been around children about to enter that unimagined place of play, you understand that enthusiasm has a contagious effect that is magical. The same is true for our work and work place. Sharing your passion for your work creates a positive feedback loop that can’t help but infect others.

Get All Aboard the Knowledge Train
Our industry is like a living organism, constantly changing and evolving. To be competitive, we rely on a culture of lifelong learners who can adopt new technologies and adapt to new ways of working. The knowledge train is always moving forward and we want to be all a’board.

Grow Up, Grow Out
Orcutt | Winslow is a place to push, pull, empower and be empowered.  The corporate rungs of a ladder do not exist here.  We strive to allow our designers to be a champion with his or her skill sets. This is not comfortable for some, that is why we push a little and stretch one another to find new avenues to grow ourselves and our industry.  We see value in the cultivation of our talent base. They are the roots from which our future is grown. The development of new skills, and encouraging their use out in the larger community, furthers the good we can do. Our continued growth means the continued growth into our communities.