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Sites and Surroundings

Whether it’s an urban tower complex, a low-density resort community, or a new city, our focus lies in achieving synergetic cross-pollination of form, function, and financial integration to optimize design and results. We understand the critical relationship between commercial, recreation, entertainment, business, municipal, educational, and residential components to ensure economically beneficial mixed-use planning. Our approach to creating architectural environments is deeply respectful of natural features, climate, culture, and economic conditions, resulting in properly planned, proportioned, and articulate identities and a strong sense of place.

Principal | President Gregory Dungan, AIA, NCARB
Principal Michael Chatham, AIA, LEED-AP

Crafting Urban Vitality

We understand the multifaceted relationship among commercial, recreational, entertainment, municipal, educational, and residential components in a mixed-use development. Our commitment to creating a distinctive architectural environment is grounded in a deep respect for natural features, climatic conditions, cultural heritage, and economic realities. The result is a thoughtfully planned, proportioned, and coherent identity that evokes a profound sense of place. We strive to seamlessly blend all essential components to support an active, healthy, and prosperous community, while fostering a strong sense of identity and place. This process hinges on respecting natural features, climate, culture, and the local economy. Above all, it requires a clear and comprehensive design vision that guides the creation of spaces that not only meet the immediate needs of communities but also stand the test of time.




Keeping up with market trends is a daily task. It is our practice to work on an individual basis to determine the impact of each space and how it relates to the building overall, and to its functional adjacencies.

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