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Impactful Public Spaces


Impactful Public Spaces

Understanding the special needs of government-funded projects and the prestigious profile they hold in our communities has been our strength throughout our history. Ranging from Federal Justice Facilities, to air/land transportation facilities, and science centers to convention centers, we realize the pride established by these projects for the citizens and the prominence given to the government officials who deliver them on-time, on budget, and beyond the public’s expectations of design. We consider these community assets an important part of establishing the quality of life and community pride for our fellow residents of Florida and beyond to our friends around the world.

Partner Neil Terry, AIA, NCARB
Principal Michael Chatham, AIA, LEED-AP
Principal Gregory Dungan, AIA, NCARB

Contextual Integration

Our hallmark is the contextual integration that fosters harmony with the surroundings. We go beyond designing structures; we create environments that seamlessly merge with the existing urban fabric. Our designs take cues from the locale’s history, culture, and natural landscape, resulting in civic spaces that feel like they’ve always belonged, enhancing the overall urban experience.

Seamlessly Integrated Transportation Hubs

At the core of our approach to inter modal bus and train stations, bridges, and pedestrian overpasses is a dedication to prioritizing service. Our standout quality is the seamless integration of transportation hubs, ensuring a focus on delivering exceptional service. We design these essential connectors as more than mere structures; they’re pivotal components of urban connectivity. Our designs ensure the smooth transition between various modes of transportation, enhancing convenience for travelers and promoting efficient urban mobility. By focusing on cohesive design, we transform these spaces into bustling centers of movement and interaction.

Fusion of Functionality and Aesthetics

Distinction and edge in our process lies in our seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics. We recognize that civic spaces must serve both practical purposes and reflect the spirit of the community. Our designs are a harmonious marriage of form and function, where practicality doesn’t compromise beauty, and aesthetics elevate functionality. This ensures that our civic projects not only enhance the urban landscape but also facilitate the seamless flow of people, ideas, and activities.

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