Orcutt Winslow
Technology as a Second Language
  • Technology as a Second Language

    Our seniors may not be digital natives, but many are willing to learn the second language, and be fluent. The future is not far away and could also provide wearables and personal robots to assist seniors with many of their daily tasks and enable more socialization and edutainment.

    These systems and technologies can increase comfort and safety while enabling seniors to be more independent. How will this play out in the future of your designs and their potential prototypes?

    • Business centers for residents to continue their business endeavors without leaving their community
    • Lifelong learning using tele-conferencing (co-located with community theater spaces)
    • Carpet tile sensors that can detect a resident fall
    • “Smart” mattresses that detect restless sleep
    • Kitchen sensors in each apartment to help monitor resident food intake

    Whatever the future holds, it will be our job to help you anticipate and find adaptable and flexible technology solutions to meet the next generation of consumer.