Orcutt Winslow
Thoughtful Design for Seniors

Thoughtful Design For Seniors

Pretty pictures and saving dollars both make us happy, but engaging the personalities of each person that connects with your community is our ultimate reward. The one thing that is true about every person or community we serve is that every story has its own twist or turn. Although we see many of the same programs, services and even reimbursements, the design that provides the right conclusion for you will definitely not be the same as your neighbors The importance of each resident, family, staff and caregiver’s experience is exhibited in the architectural design, residential detailing, and finishes throughout our senior living environments. Each one is designed to meet specific aesthetic, social and residential needs without compromising the necessary elements required for optimal care. Balancing each client’s perspective and their own day-to-day practical requirements, we have been able to merge design techniques and caregiver knowledge in each facet of healthcare delivery to create functional (and marketable) solutions.