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Orcutt | Winslow Offices

Environment for Collaboration, Hard Work and Play

Open studios, "Collaboration" and "Technology" areas create a stimulating environment, that facilitates open, direct communication, via the integration of technology that is transparent within the work-place.  Existing conditions, budget, LEED certification, and a desire to embrace the true spirit of the building via structure dictated the minimalistic approach to elements above 8'-6", and provided a building systems "lab" for young architects and designers. Classic furniture connects designers to the roots of contemporary design, and compliments ergonomic furniture and systems to create a contrasting, well-balanced workplace.  

The lobby welcomes guests with a beautiful view and a café to relax. The 16th floor was designed to incorporate all of the functions of Administration, Marketing, IT, conferencing, and lounge/break area. These functions were designed on the lower floor with an open connection to the 17th floor to allow the design staff to be all on one floor, creating an environment of collaboration that inspires creativity. The Lounge provides an area for employees to unwind with entertainment features such as a flat screen TV, a ping pong table, and a full kitchen for social gatherings.

Certified LEED Gold.