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Shanghai, China

China is the fastest-growing transportation market in the world and as China’s automobile industry revs up, the Chinese people are quickly developing a passion for all things automotive. Soon this national fascination with the automobile will find expression in the form of AutoWorld, the world’s first interactive automobile theme park, to be located in Shanghai’s Jading District, the epicenter of China’s automotive manufacturing, research, design, testing, and racing universe. 

Set in a lush city park, AutoWorld is organized into five major pavilions—with an additional pavilion scheduled to premiere every two years after opening—around a central lake and features an assortment of automotive-inspired rides, shows, and live entertainment experiences for all ages, along with an array of themed retail and dining venues. Among the many attractions, visitors will embark on a musical journey into a giant V-8 engine at the Power and Performance Pavilion…personally experience the excitement of an off-road rally at the Discovery Pavilion…witness the explosive action of a live emergency vehicle stunt show at the Sirens Pavilion…ride a state-of-the-art concept car through a powerful wind tunnel at the Design and Innovation Pavilion…and take a surprise detour through a gauntlet of whirring, lunging industrial robots along an automated assembly line at the Engineering and Manufacturing Pavilion.

AutoWorld is an automotive family adventure; a place where the cars will truly be the stars