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Ball State University Student Center Renovation

Muncie, IN

The Ball State University Student Center underwent a remarkable transformation through a 60,000 SF renovation. This project not only addressed the essential infrastructure modernization but also focused on creating an appealing and engaging space that consolidated various student functions. The introduction of a clerestory window volume brought a sense of spaciousness to the dining area, revitalizing it as a vibrant and popular hangout for students. Additionally, student-chosen food vendors were incorporated into the L.A Pittenger Student Center, further enhancing its appeal.

A major highlight of the renovation was the complete overhaul of the tally dining area. The redesign included the addition of enticing features such as a fresh fruit and salad station, a live carving station, a Starbucks outlet, and a Taco Bell, providing students with a diverse and satisfying range of dining options.

The Ball State University Student Center renovation successfully married the importance of modernizing infrastructure with the creation of an inviting and enjoyable environment for students. The result is a revitalized space that caters to the needs and preferences of the student community, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall student experience.