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Innovative Flex Space Fosters Highly Collaborative Education

Barrow Neurological Institute, Eller Telepresence Conference

Phoenix, AZ

The original Eller Telepresence Suite was innovative in its day, but the technology had become antiquated, and the space was outdated. For the nation’s leading neurological specialists at Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI), the room provided little collaboration and learning opportunities between surgeons and residents, the audio/visual and teleconferencing capabilities were difficult to manage and arranging for a crowded press conference was increasingly problematic. BNI enlisted a design team which included an acoustician, a lighting designer, an interior designer, and an A/V consultant alongside the architect and MEP engineers to provide a modern, branded space for interactive collaboration, where doctors from around the world can communicate directly with Barrow physicians.

The main objective to the renovation was to increase the capacity of the seating within the same footprint of the room. The new plan provided such and allows for effective teamwork. The client requested swiveling chairs to enhance communication between participants in the front and back rows. Flexibility is further enhanced by providing designated wheelchair spaces that, if not occupied, can double as positions for television camera crews during press conferences. This premier space is now also equipped with state-of-the-art technology including a new LED monitor video wall display, PTZ camera, Shure beam forming ceiling microphones and Biamp Desono speakers.

The staff now utilizes the Eller Telepresence Suite more often and they have commented that it “feels more like Barrow” than the previous space. The branded Barrow Blue is offset by the crisp white paint and the open ceiling plan gives the space the volume it did not have before. As home to the nation’s largest neurosurgery residency programs, the newly renovated Eller Telepresence Suite delivered on Barrow’s promise and passion to educate the next generation of advanced neurosurgeons.