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The Pearl of the Emirates


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Amidst the neighboring towers and mega-complexes of Abu Dhabi, the BoatHouse concept offers residents and visitors a uniquely human-scaled, walkable community. It is a mixed-use development that brings together residential, retail, hospitality and recreational opportunities in a high-end, pedestrian-friendly environment exemplifying the principles of compact urban growth at their most intelligent and aesthetic.

In the BoatHouse all the activities of daily living are conveniently situated within walking distance, in addition to being accessible by surface transportation and water taxi. A dynamic yacht club, a signature 18-hole golf course, and a luxury retail, dining and entertainment complex are all arrayed along the waterfront where the reflections of stilt buildings, island townhouses, water palaces, and cove residences shimmer in the azure waters alongside the stately marina.

The BoatHouse presents a reassuring sense of place and community against the backdrop of the rapidly changing Abu Dhabi cityscape. Here, the buildings and landscaping contribute to the physical definition of thoroughfares as civic spaces, while neighborhood parks, squares, and playgrounds dot the complex, inviting resident interaction. The different neighborhoods of BoatHouse offer a range of housing types and price levels, encouraging a population that is diverse in age and income. It all combines to create a uniquely modern lifestyle that reinforces BoatHouse’s identity.