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Brevard Zoo Aquarium

Port Canaveral, FL

The Brevard Zoo Aquarium is located on a 14-acre waterfront site on the Banana River adjacent to Port Canaveral. The aquarium focuses on local species found in the diverse local habits which include the St. Johns River, the Intracoastal Waterways, and the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida Coast. The aquarium experience takes queues from the relationship between the land, water and space that is unique to this part of Florida. Conservation is a key focus as the aquarium educates and amazes visitors with the delicate relationships that exist between man and the increasingly stressed natural Florida habitats. The aquarium is a mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits and balances its experience with education, entertainment, and nature-infused play time for children. Visitors will be amazed as they interact with Sharks, Rays, Sea Turtles as well as Otters and Gators. The aquarium takes advantage of its unique site by providing meeting and event space with sunset views of the Banana River and spectacular views toward rocket launches at the cape.