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Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Learning

Campo Bello Elementary School

Phoenix, AZ

The pursuit of demolishing and replacing the existing buildings at Campo Bello Elementary School was centered around creating a more engaging and technologically fit campus to help prepare students in Paradise Valley for a lifetime of success. The improved campus serves 800 students in grades Pre-K-5.

Consolidating the two newly-constructed buildings into closer proximity, connected by resource rooms, allowed for more functional use of campus space to include additional parking lot zones, fire lanes, and playfields. These changes transformed the campus into a functional and inviting place for students to receive a more dynamic learning experience. Securing the campus was a priority of this project and the new buildings themselves form security fences that vastly improve the school’s protection.

Interior design touches, such as the glass stairway present in the school’s lobby, helps to balance the security upgrades by providing an open and welcoming impression. Aside from the new construction, which was phased and carried out on an active campus, one of the original classroom buildings was left in place, receiving only minimal renovations to harmonize with the updated spaces.