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A Timeless Journey through the Enchanting Capital of Egypt

Celia Commercial & Residential Village

Cairo, Egypt

The Commercial Village, centrally located within the Celia project’s master plan, and on axis with the downtown business district beyond, forms the Hub of the Celia New Capital Development. 

The massing of the Architecture, which takes its design inspiration from the waterfront villages of Sardinia, rises up from the ground plane of the Green River Park, and follows the natural topography climbing and terracing towards the south, east and west directions. The building volumes, rising in stair-stepping floor levels, are laced with generous and lush planting and follows this pattern creating interstitial open-air plazas, starting with the restaurants and retail shops. The residential lofts above look out over the bustling activity surrounding the Village’s commercial buildings, school, sports fields, amphitheater, and Central Lake with its ever-changing fountain feature. The Apartment Homes, which ring the outer boundary of the Village, rise up to seven stories on the east and west side, providing a spectacular panoramic view of the New Capital City in the distance. Reinforcing the Sardinian theme, the Village is composed of four distinct environments, Grande Viale/Porta Grande (Grande Avenue and Main Entrance), Via Corsia/Gardino Romantica (Hillside Lane and Courtyard Garden), Via Pendio/Cala Bougainville (Hillside Walkway and Bougainvillea Court), and Via Della Lago/Piazzetta Della Lago (Lakeside Promenade and Overlook), portraying an Italian hillside town streetscape. The waterfront promenade, courtyards and plaza design elements, serving to create a unique and memorable experiences on each terrace level.


HHCP is responsible for producing the Architectural Design, through Conceptual and Schematic Design, as well as Design Verification through Tender Documents, for all the Commercial spaces as well as the Lofts and Apartment buildings.