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Modernization to Make a School Secure and Community Driven

Central High School Renovations

Phoenix, AZ

Campus-wide safety deficiencies and improper building programs spurred Phoenix Union High School District to renovate Central High School, paving a way to introduce a new collegiate campus experience. Prioritizing design and budget, Central High’s modernization included renovations and improvements to its original administration building and a complete renovation and rebuild of the campus’s cafeteria.

The administration office was re-designed to provide visitor access from the front of the school. With this new point of access, parents and visitors will have a more welcoming experience when visiting Central High School. Student access points were designed to be more controlled, as set forth in the school’s needs. The entry way renovation brought new focus to the welcoming area with a more sleek and elevated façade. The update manages to respectfully transform the existing architec­ture of the landmark building. More visi­bility to the exterior of the campus brings new daylight to the space creating an open feel without sacrificing secure features. The redesign tastefully protects the identity and pride of the school 

Fundamental to the modernization work of the campus were upgrades to the Culinary Arts spaces that helped to not only increase function but create a more collegiate feel and arrangement. The cafeteria was redesigned to expand the seating area, utilize natural light, and upgrade the aesthetics, supporting students beyond the lunch break by providing a useful space to socialize, study, and complete activities.