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Gen Z Learning Experiences: Knowledge Hub and Media Center

Columbia State Community College Finney Library Renovation

Columbia, TN

Finney Library represents a new age for Columbia State community college. The interior renovation of a 21,000 SF, two-story library revitalizes an aging building and facilitates the transfer from a traditional library into a full collegiate media center and knowledge hub for programs with Columbia State Community College.

The first floor re-imagines the space with a new 1,550 SF computer lab centrally located for students and acts as a work and study space. On the surrounding the lab are spaces and hubs for student support. The school’s Trio program makes its home within the library and serves under serviced student populations with hangout space, specialized lab space and access to program director offices.

A new Cafe/Bistro was added acting as a pause space for students with views and access to the rest of the college and courtyard.

The stacks are all located on the second floor within the middle of the building. On the outside are various offices, labs and conferences spaces. The second floor maximizes privacy and focus spaces with daylight entering every room with knowledge in the center.

Overall, Finney Library revitalizes itself and puts students at the center of the campus. Spaces for student’s 21st century needs make Finney Library a space centered around knowledge and knowledge sharing, acting as a hub for students to not only learn but to grow with others.