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Thoughtful Design Anticipates Future Expansion

Coral Shores Behavioral Health

Stuart, FL

Sitting on over nine acres of land, this Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital comprises of 80 beds and offers ample space for various essential components. It encompasses the main Hospital building, 120 parking spaces, service drives, emergency vehicle access points, egress routes to public areas, stormwater management facilities, drainage systems, and extensive secured green areas dedicated to patient activities. The hospital’s patient population consists of 60 Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Beds and 20 Adult Substance Abuse Beds.

The hospital’s design also considers future expansion, allowing for the addition of a second floor over a specific portion of the building. In terms of functionality, the facility features a primary public entrance equipped with reception and waiting areas for visitors and patients. Additionally, it includes a distinct intake/staff/law enforcement entrance, providing direct access to an isolated and secure waiting room, assessment/interview room, and admissions processing, particularly in cases involving disruptive patient behavior.