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Where Dreams Take Center Court

Estrella Foothills High School Gymnasium

Goodyear, AZ

In order to remain competitive in high school sports, the Buckeye Union High School District commissioned a state-of-the-art gymnasium for each of its two campuses. While the core facilities are equivalent, the organization and aesthetics of each building respond to their respective campuses.
Each facility includes a gymnasium with three full-size basketball and volleyball courts. Operable bleachers seat 1,800 people for center-court games, and stow away to allow use of all courts at once. Additionally, each facility will house athletic and P.E. lockers, a wrestling practice room, and storage for uniforms and sports equipment. Concessions and display cases are adjacent to an engaging lobby sure to impress visiting crowds.
Besides these core spaces, the facility at Buckeye High School includes a number of additional programs. A publicly-accessible weight room is included, as is a student bookstore. Likewise, due to its proximity to the football field and bleachers, the building incorporates an outdoor concession stand to serve other athletic events.
Because each campus has a unique aesthetic, the new facilities have distinct designs. The campus at Estrella Foothills High School is composed of stained concrete block in various patterns, painted metal canopies, and articulated details. Likewise, the new gymnasium facility integrates these materials. By contrast, Buckeye High School is characterized by minimally variegated stucco and southwestern motifs. These serve as the base for the design of its new building.