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A Premier Facility for Veterans

Idaho State Veterans’ Home Post Falls

Post Falls, ID

The Idaho Post Falls Veteran Home’s design exemplifies an extraordinary focus on creating a premier facility for veterans. Situated on a compact site, the building’s layout ingeniously maximizes breathtaking mountain views while maintaining harmony with neighboring residential properties and ensuring seamless site circulation.

At the core of this 64-bed skilled nursing facility lies a centralized community center, offering an array of amenities to promote engagement and social interaction. Within its walls, you’ll find a chapel, therapy room, dining room, sports club with large-screen televisions, and multiple common areas, all designed to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the veterans. A welcoming Bistro complements both intimate gatherings and larger group settings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Operational efficiency is at the heart of the design, with well-thought-out spaces for common food preparation, laundry facilities, maintenance supply areas, and a covered pickup and drop-off zone. Ample parking for 90 vehicles ensures convenient access for residents and visitors alike.

The Idaho Division of Veterans Services’ Director, Mark Tschampl, expressed profound admiration for the efforts invested by the veterans themselves, infusing love and care into the home’s very foundations.

The interior design philosophy seeks to cultivate a home-like ambiance that inspires comfort, well-being, and a strong connection to nature. The elegantly understated style features clean lines and simple ornamentation, complemented by a color palette and finish materials reflecting the surrounding natural environment with earth tones and rich accents.

Regarded by many as the nation’s finest veterans home, it stands as a testament to impeccable design, with modern and luxurious surfaces, spacious lobbies, and vibrant community spaces reminiscent of a prestigious hotel rather than a traditional nursing home.

Each of the 64 bedrooms comes with a private bathroom, arranged around 16 central lounges, with select rooms tailored as honeymoon suites to accommodate married veterans comfortably.

The residents of the Idaho Post Falls Veteran Home enjoy a plethora of community spaces, including a chapel, barber shop, bistro, activities center, multipurpose room, sports club, gym, and therapy area, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling living experience.

Ever-responsive to changing circumstances, the building’s construction took into account the events of 2020. Upgrades were thoughtfully incorporated, prioritizing COVID-19 safety measures such as special heating and ventilation, negative-pressure airflow, and ultraviolet disinfection lights, all funded through federal grants to guarantee the cleanest air quality possible.

In a spirit of community collaboration, the veterans’ home partnered with North Idaho College’s Workforce Training Center to host certified nursing assistants, establishing a permanent clinical affiliation with the college and further enriching the support and care provided to the esteemed veterans of Idaho.